It was about this time last year when the whole chicken sandwich war started. I think competition is good. The more good restaurants we get of any kind just gives us more choices and ups the battle for the best.

We do have a lot of places to get really good chicken and that is a good thing. We started with KFC, Popeye's, and Churches. The battle didn't end there. We also now have a couple Raising Cane's and their famous Cane's Sauce. We got a Slim Chicken not too long ago. We have Chicken Express as well. So now we are going to add to the mix.

I was doing some searching online the other day and noticed that we have 2 Golden Chick restaurants listed on their website. It says that we are getting one on Coulter. That is all it says for the location. It also lists one at 34th & Georgia. I drove by there the other day and can only imagine it will be inside the newly being built Toot n' Totum. I am not sure.

credit: Golden Chick Website

I did send an email to them to find out if that was the correct location and when they think either will be open. The closest Golden Chick we have to our area are in Dumas and Dalhart right now. So I look forward to new competition in the area. I will be curious to see if Chick Fil A  on Georgia welcomes them to the area like they did when Raising Canes moved in down the street.

credit: Joshua Raef, Chick-fil-A FB

I always also look forward to any new places opening up on Georgia Street because that is right by my house and my most frequented locations in Amarillo.