6ix9ine claps back at Future following the "Mask Off" rapper's response to the "Fefe" artist mentioning Future needing Drake to get a Billboard hit on Instagram live last night.

Late Thursday evening (June 11), Future reacted to 6ix9ine's Instagram live antics in his own Instagram story, stating that "the results frm [sic] when u bet on yourself...been ah go getter never waited on no nigga" and more. In Tekashi's comeback, which he wrote in The Shade Room's comment section for a photo of Future's IG post, the "Gooba" rapper called Future a deadbeat father.

"If you a deadbeat you don't deserve to die??????????," 6ix9ine wrote in the comment section. "Okay I'm gone don't @ me. I'm busy video drop in a few."

Tekashi's "deserve to die" message is in response to Future's lengthy IG story. There, Hndrxx seemingly referred to the snitching claims the Brooklyn native made on social media yesterday.

"At the end of the day, you work for the police," Future began. "I believe if you hang with a snitch you a snitch and deserve to die but that's jus me Ima get a billion and all the killers love me #facts I owe you ah fuck you I would say suck my dick but you gone do it...king Pluto #facto I trust me."

theshaderoom via Instagram
theshaderoom via Instagram

The 36-year-old rapper's snitching comments come after 6ix9ine went on Instagram live last night to name-drop a few of his peers, whom he claims have snitched or are associated with snitches. Before premiering "Trollz" with Nicki Minaj, the "Fefe" rhymer called out Meek Mill and Snoop Dogg for their supposed ties to snitches even though they have publicly condemned him for working with the feds. 6ix9ine also called out Future for being a deadbeat dad and accused the Atlanta rapper of needing Drake to get a Billboard hit.

On Thursday night, 6ix9ine cited the drug use Future mentions in his songs and his child support issues. Tekashi also claimed that the High Off Life rapper's association with Meek Mill makes him a snitch as well.

"Future, you don't take care of your kids, right?," 6ix9ine says. "You can't compare me to you because my baby moms was having sexual relations with my co-defendants. I am going to stay away until I'm off house arrest. You rap about all these drugs but never got arrested on a drug offense. You rap about molly, Percs. Never got arrested for no drug offense."

Future is the only rapper that has responded to Tekashi's IG live accusations so far.

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