The 4th of July is fast approaching and that means fireworks galore!  With fireworks and get togethers, something is bound to go wrong.  Here are 10 things that could go wrong on the 4th of July.

It is inevitable that no matter how much planning you do, something is going to go wrong.  That's just how it happens.  But hopefully if you know a few things that could happen, you can prepare for the worst.  Here are 6 disasters you need to plan for.

1.)  You Could Start A Fire

Things happen.  You could light a firework and think it's a dud, toss it to the side and then it goes off.  Just make sure you dispose of them in a safe place.

2.)  All Fireworks Popped At Once

There is always that one guy who thinks it will be cool to light all the fireworks at once, then the fun is over.  Make sure you don't put all the fireworks out at once.

3.)  You Could Drop All The Food

Imagine taking the food outside to throw on the grill and you trip and there goes all the meat!  There are two options here:  take a little out at a time or make sure it is in a container with a lid so if it falls, you can pick it right back up.

4.) Injury

We've all seen the idiot who thinks it is ok to pick up a hot firework or gets hit with a firework.  They are dangerous so be careful.

5.)  Baking Gone Wrong

With Pintrest, so many cool cakes or desserts are out there that look cool and you may want to recreate them.  Practice it first!  Some of those things are tricky and never come out the way they are suppose to.

6.) Nobody Shows Up

Make sure you send out invites.  It would be terrible if you did all this shopping and planning and nobody show up.

7.) Forgot Something

The people are here and you realize you forgot to buy charcoal or ice.  Make a list and check it off as you go.

These are just a few things that could pop up.  What other 4th of July disasters should we be on the lookout for?