I remember the good ol' days when people made fun of me for using a paper towel to open the door from the restroom. Now it is highly encouraged that you do not touch the door handles at all.

So vindication is mine. I am a big overly washing your hands kind of person. I feel everyone is starting to join my crusade. If this Coronavirus taught us anything it is the importance of washing your hands.

Drying them is also as important. When you wash them correctly you are winning half of the battle. Drying your hands off with a clean towel removes more germs that just washing your hands. It is the friction from the towel that removes even more germs. The trick though is, as I said, it has to be a clean towel.

If you finish up washing your hands and you don't dry them properly you are just setting yourself up to get sick. If your hands are wet or even damp they pick up more of those germs than they do when they are dry. So you are more likely to get sick if you touch something with germs on them.

I would also advise not to use a hand dryer. The air they blow ends up kicking up a lot of germs and putting them back into the air. Or even worse they blow them back onto your hands.

So when you use a public restroom avoid the hand dryer at all cost. I would check before using the restroom. If the hand dryer is your only option I would hunt for some napkins or paper towels. In this day and time we really can't be too careful.


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