It was a day just like any other day.  I get off work, I pick the boy up, I go home and pull into my garage.  Normal stuff.

As I get out of my car I hear chirping, I just thought it was a happy bird in the tree in the front yard.  That's when my son says, "Uh Mom, what is that?"  I look and there is a baby duck bouncing around in my garage.

A baby duck.

First of all, I don't live any where near water.  No where near any of our park ponds or lakes, so what the heck is a baby duck doing in my garage?

Did the cat's drag it inside?  I don't think so because the poor thing would have been dead.

Did a bird carry it from a pond and drop it?  No, the duck wasn't injured.

So where in the world did a baby duck come from and how did it get into my garage?  These are the questions I'm asking myself.

I texted Josh,

There's a duck in the garage.  


A duck, a baby duck.

Did the cats bring it in?

I don't know?

A duck.

A duck, what are we gonna do with a duck?  It'll be cat food, we can't keep it.

Take it to a pond?

I have a duck in my garage and E and I have to run errands.  So we leave very carefully and the duck stayed in the garage.

I posted a picture on our neighborhood Facebook page just in case someones duck wandered into my garage.   Then I called the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation and they told me to keep it warm and feed it duck food and someone could come get it in the morning.

OK so we'll have a duck until the morning and I don't have duck food.  Where does one get duck food?  I don't have time to go buy duck food.  How do I keep a duck alive overnight and away from 2 cats and a dog.  My co-workers suggested I bring it to the office and we could have an office duck.  Hmmmmmm....

So E and I run our errands and when we get back, a man and his son meet us in our driveway and say, "I think you have our duck in your garage."

"I do!!!!!"

Apparently, the baby duck escaped from their house down the street, took a walk, and wiggled it's way under my garage door.

I'm happy to say Gecko, is safely back home and didn't become cat food.

And that's how a duck magically appeared in my garage!

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