It's something that a lot of people do. Warmer weather hits, you take the kids to the park, and you take along some bread. Then, much to the delight of the little ones you toss a little bit of bread out and here comes an army of hungry water fowl.

The only problem is that this is really bad for ducks and geese.

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I came across a post earlier today on social media that had been shared by Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Amarillo. It was an info-graphic about how feeding bread to ducks can actually make them very, very sick.

You can see it by following this link.

When the ducks and geese have a bread heavy diet, they can wind up with something called "angel wing." Long story short, it's when the wing winds up developing wrong because of poor diet.

Not only that, but the bread that doesn't get eaten and just sits there can cause all kinds of problems. It can pollute the water, cause algae to spring up that makes the fish and ducks sick, and it makes the water smell bad.

It's not that you can't feed the ducks and geese. In fact, there are a few things they mention that are safe for the ducks and geese.

I was surprised to see cut seedless grapes on the list. I just assumed ducks wanting grapes was something in that stupid kids' song about the duck and the lemonade stand..

You can also feed them peas, corn, birdseed, and chopped lettuce.

This spring, before you head out with the kids to feed the ducks at Medi Park, make sure you leave the bread at home.

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