Christmas is the time of the year that we celebrate the birth of Jesus. He was born to the Virgin Mary.  Many believe her to be holy and won't not mock her, but a church in New Zealand is doing just that.

St. Matthews in the City Church located in Auckland, New Zealand has bought a billboard that is most definitely a publicity stunt.  The billboard, located right in front of the church house, shows a shocked Mary holding a pregnancy test that reads: positive.

The billboard is part of a campaign set forth to 'avoid the sentimental and trite' and 'spark thought and conversation'.

A spokes person for the church said:
"It's real. Christmas is real. It's about a real pregnancy, a real mother and a real child. It's about real anxiety, courage and hope."
Now I get that our society has detoured from the original concept of Christmas, but I personally feel that most households still honor the birth of Jesus at Christmas.  My family attends church every Christmas.
The billboard is a definite way for shock and awe.  And this isn't the first time this church did something controversial.  In 2009 they had a billboard up with Mary and Joseph in bed together.  That billboard actually had a caption that read: "Poor Joseph.  God was a hard act to follow."

This is insane.  But it is so attention grabbing.  The church's spokesperson said the idea was to get everyone to come up with their own caption for this year's billboard.
What do you think about these billboards?