It's the classic switcheroo! Ladies how many times have you been on a movie date and heard, "hey baby, hold our seats I'll be right back, what's your favorite candy I'll get you some!  Can I see your keys though, I left my wallet in your car."  Only to sit there for the entire movie with no candy or popcorn or date, then walk out to the parking lot to see you also have no car!  Well don't worry your not alone!

Sara Bush (35) of Florida was on a date at the movies with Michael Pratt (27) when he asked for the keys to her car so he could get something he left in her vehicle.  She handed him her keys and focused her attention back to the big screen where Immortals was showing.

Pratt, who had been dating Bush for 2 weeks, never returned to the theater however.  When bush left, it finally hit her that her rented Ford Focus was gone.  DURR! (the SmokingGun)

When she called Pratt, he left no doubt about the whereabouts of her wheels: “Ha ha I stole your car,” he said, according to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report.

The Focus, owned by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, was found yesterday in a Wal-Mart parking lot after Pratt called Ms. Bush and told her where he had abandoned the stolen car.

Pratt was arrested and is facing grand theft auto charges and has a $5000 bond.

All in all, Pratt said it was "totally worth it!"  Bush, however, said "I still haven't gotten laid" while pouting about the car.

Seriously, this must be one ugly chick!  Sounds to me like Pratt had this planned from the get go.  Most guys would've at least made woopie with the girl first!


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