Talk about a dark period in Amarillo traffic.

Over a 36-hour period, we saw three serious incidents happen that left numerous people injured.

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It all started in north Amarillo on Tuesday afternoon. A child had just exited the bus after school when a car struck the child at the 2400 block of Irene. We don't know the age of the child or the extent of the injuries. Regardless, how does something like this even happen?

The school buses have stop signs on them for a reason, and from what I can tell, this happened almost immediately after the child exited the bus. The bus won't leave until the children have crossed the street so they can utilize the stop sign. Unfortunately, someone was in such a hurry or not even paying attention that a child had to suffer a pointless potential injury.

The next incident took place Wednesday afternoon when two people had to be extricated from their vehicles after a nasty head-on collision. This crash happened at the intersection of Bell St and Estacado Ln.

One person from each vehicle was pried out of their car and taken to the hospital. Again, nothing is known about the condition of the victims, but pictures I've seen of the accident are harrowing, and I can't imagine everyone got out with just scrapes and bruises.

The final incident happened on Thursday in the area of Lockney and Wisdom, where a pedestrian was flat-out run over by a car. The victim was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. To make matters worse in this one, it was a hit and run and the vehicle has not been found at this point.

How we had three SERIOUS incidents happen in such a short amount of time begs the question, are we even paying attention when we drive anymore? There are a lot of distractions, I get it. But we have a child who got hit, someone who may lose their life after getting run over, and two people who couldn't get out of their car on their own after a collision.

Seriously, put the phone down, keep your eyes up and pay attention to your surroundings. Driving is dangerous, and it should be treated as such.

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