Ladies have you always watched what you drink when you go out. You find yourself counting up the calories in that mix drink or beer your chugging. While the next day your feeling super blotted because of the 6 pack of beer you downed the night before. Well now there is a alcoholic beverage just for the ladies who drink only low-calorie mix-drinks. Skinny Girl has just launched their product providing different wines and vodkas. So my question does this beverage make you feel like a lady or does it make you feel skinny? Here's what the ladies from "Skinnygirl" cocktails say about on how to drink like a lady:

Ladies, it’s time. Time to bring the old rules of cocktailing into the modern age. Time to re-write the books on the way we socialize. Time to redefine just what it means to be a lady. Sure, a lady always says please and thank you…but a lady also knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to go out and get it. And Skinnygirl is here to show you how. It’s a woman’s world out there – and it’s time to “Drink Like a Lady.”

Well I guess since these days it's all about eating and drinking healthy now.

So ladies is this a beverage  you would want to try?