I can't say how long we have been waiting for this. I think the news broke sometime during last years Sod Poodles Season. You remember that team we have that got sidelined this year? Well just know we are finally getting a new place in Downtown Amarillo for tacos on Tuesday....or whenever.

I am talking about Joe Taco. We heard the rumors. We read the online posts. They were moving in their Downtown location. It was just a matter of time to find out when.....due to covid. Thanks a lot for that 2020. They really should have opened up long ago. With all the other delays there was no surprise this got pushed back too.

So the much awaited for news hit their Facebook page:

Come join us today at our Joe Taco Downtown OPENING! We are located at 600 S Buchanan right across from Hodgetown and Embassy Suites! We open at 11 am! Can’t wait to see y’all there!!!

So we have a new place for Margarita Mondays. How about for Taco Tuesdays? Fajita whatever day you choose. I mean this is great news in the middle of all this other not so great news. Another place trying to make it here in Amarillo.

We already know the location on Coulter is a hit. How about the other Joe properties? Everyone loves Macaroni Joe's. Oh and even Joe Daddy's, they may have closed down, but they still cater.

So regardless things in Amarillo really are looking up. Hey and don't forget if you park in the Downtown parking garage....they will validate. Woah I feel like we stepped into an alternate universe. Where else in Amarillo have you had to worry about validating?

Amarillo has come a long way baby!

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