First, there was a caucus. Then there was a primary. What does it all mean?!

Last week, we talked about the Iowa caucus.

Now, the New Hampshire primary is the talk of the town. If you don't remember, there is a big difference between a caucus and a primary. As Texans, it's important to know these differences, since we have a primary.

A caucus is like a big meeting where all of the candidates speak and citizens vote for their favorites. A primary is more of an official voting process. Although the Iowa caucus was important, the New Hampshire primary is like REALLY important.

Great, so what happened?

Donald Trump got the Republican vote and Bernie Sanders crushed Hillary for the Democratic vote. John Kasich came in second place behind Trump, which surprised most and delighted the Independents.

Who are the Independents?

Basically, these are voters who don't align with one political party. Although Kasich is running as a Republican, he has gained some popularity with Independent voters.

What's next?

The Nevada caucus and South Carolina primary are in two weeks. These will be big because Nevada is considered a Democratic state and South Carolina is considered a Republican state. That means the voters may have completely different views on who should be the president.

Texas still has a whole month until the primary, which takes place on March 1st, a.k.a. Super Tuesday. Remember, it's called Super Tuesday because 14 other states have their caucuses or primaries on that day.

The Democrats will debate again tomorrow night. The next GOP debate will be on Saturday, February 13th.

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