Yesterday was election day, and Texas voters had a lot to think about. There were 10 propositions on the ballot. Most of which voters approved.

The most talked about proposition was the one dealing with a state income tax. Currently, Texas is one of only a handful of states (9) that don't have a state income tax.

Voters decided we like it that way, and we should keep it that way.

The proposition passed, which makes it harder for the state legislature to ever impose an income tax. Basically, it would take changing the Texas Constitution should we ever decided we want a state income tax.

Which, I honestly don't think we ever will. I like bragging about it to my friends who live in Oklahoma. Sure, their women can walk around topless, they have marijuana, and gambling...but we don't have a state income tax. So, there. Take that.

Also passing yesterday was the proposition that allowed handlers, and other qualified caretakers, of service animals to adopt those animals after their service is done. That means police dogs, and horses, can now be adopted by the people that have worked closest with them and built the strongest bond with them.

There was only one proposition yesterday that looked like it wasn't going to pass. That was Prop 1, which would have made it possible for elected municipal judges to serve "multiple municipalities" at one time.

For more info, you can see this rundown of the election results from our friends at ABC7 by following this link.

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