Growing up, my mom always taught me to respect my elders and especially my teachers.  They don't get paid much and have to put up with a bunch of rebellious teens.  So it blows my mind that a student would assault a teacher, but that is what happened Tuesday morning in Spearman, Texas.

On Tuesday, cops were called out to the high school in Spearman, Texas.  The complaint: a 17 year ol male student hit a teacher in the back of the head with a text book.  The teacher was left with bruising, red marks, and marks on the side of his face.

When the student was being taken into custody, he became uncooperative with the police and they had to force him to the ground and subdue him.

The student will be charged with a felony because he is a public servant.  He was taken to the Hansford County Jail where his bail was set on Tuesday afternoon.  He could be facing prison time.

The name of the student nor the teacher were given because of federal privacy issues.

Do you think this student's actions deserve a felony charge?

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