This is quite possibly one of the weirdest stories we've seen in a long time. It involves a former East Texas election administrator, her employees and "colon cleanser".

Let's rewind the tape for a second before we get into the details.

Back in the start of May, Smith County Elections Administrator Denise Hernandez submitted her letter of resignation after just 3 months on the job to the Smith County Elections Commission according to KLTV. But the next day after submitting her resignation, she submitted another letter to the commission asking them to rescind her resignation.

But after a meeting with the commission, they accepted her resignation and rejected her letter to rescind. All the time, everyone was trying to figure out why she quit in the first we now why.

According to a press release we received from the Smith County Sherriff's Office, Hernandez, 54, turned herself into police and was charged with 2 counts of Assault Causes Bodily Injury (Class A Misdemeanor) after Smith County Human Resources contacted cops officials concerning an incident that occurred on April 27.

The sheriff's office report that 2 employees of the Smith County Elections Office claim that were each given a cup containing a pink liquid substance by their supervisor, Hernandez. Denise informed the employees that the cup contained “Spark” energy drink and the employees drank the substance.

The report went on to add that shortly thereafter, Hernandez came back and asked both employees if they had finished their drink. She then placed a canister of colon cleanser on the counter and began making fun of them for drinking this product. As a result, both employees suffered pain and discomfort due to ingesting this product. It was also alleged that when the employees returned to work, Hernandez continued to laugh and berate them for drinking the colon cleansing product.

Denise Hernandez turned herself in on both warrants on June 1 and was booked into the Smith County Jail. She was bonded out a short time later.

After finding all of this out, we are now left with more questions than anything. Was it "office beef" or "a bad prank"?

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