To be nominated for Homecoming Queen is such an honor.  But knowing that your student body voted for you to be crowned is much more than that.  Cassidy Lynn Campbell, a transgender teen, was crowned Homecoming Queen over the weekend.

Growing up is hard enough for anyone.  But it is even harder when you feel uncomfortable in your own body.  Can you imagine feeling like you are someone else trapped in the body you have.  That is exactly the way Lance Campbell felt.

The transgender teen, who until three years ago lived as Lance Campbell, had her moment snatched away by "ignorance" and criticism.  Lance was tired of feeling uncomfortable in his body so he made the transformation to Cassidy.  This made him feel complete and happy.  He no longer had to hide behind his shell.  He could now live the way he was meant to, as a girl!

Cassidy was beyond excited to find out that she made it to the top 5 nominees for Homecoming Queen.  She was left in awe when she realized her classmates at Marina High School in Huntington Beach voted her Homecoming Queen.  To be a transgender and to be crowned left the teen in tears.  She said the she ran not just for herself, but for  "so many others around the nation."

Here is video from ABC News of her win!

The joy and excitement soon vanished.  The criticism and taunts soon began.  How could she win when she isn't a "real" girl, and so on and so on.  All of the negative backlash is brought on by "ignorance."  Campbell said that people make her feel like less of a person and "I'm always judged and I'm always looked down upon and I'm always made fun of," she said. "Sometimes, I wonder, is it even worth it?"

She even posted a video of her breaking down after her happy moment was ruined.

No person should feel like this, regardless of the situation.  Who are we to judge?  Everyone deserves to live happy no matter their race, religion or sexual orientation.  What do you think?  Should she be disqualified for being who she is?

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