Back in 1950 Eldon and Novie Mitchell opened their first convenience store at 15th and Washington here in Amarillo. Back then you’d only have to pull up and toot your horn and get instant service and then the attendants would tote your order back to your car. That was that way it was 70 years ago. Today, Toot’n Totum gets back to their roots.

Now Toot’n Totum is offering exclusive curbside service and full service fuel to their customers in Amarillo, and it couldn’t come at a better time.  At two of their busiest locations here in Texas, 34th and Bell as well as Hillside and Coulter a taste of days gone by are back. Get the original curbside services by one of many attendants ready to help you from the convenience of your car. Whether, it’s Doritos and a six pack of your favorite drink, a gallon of milk or even gas, pull up and toot and get service with a smile, at no additional cost. Take advantage of this friendly and smart, neighborly service M-F 10A-6P.


For more on Toot’n Totum’s COVID-19 policies, or just to say thanks click here.

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