There are some stories that I read and I'm absolutely sickened by and lose complete faith in humanity.

This is one of them.

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Thankfully this didn't happen in Amarillo, but close enough. Two women are facing a whopping 23 charges in Curry County, New Mexico after police discovered children living with these two under abusive conditions.

When we hear about abuse, we think of hitting or something of the sort. These abusive conditions definitely contained those things, but it went even further.

Five children were found starved, beaten, and chained to the wall so they couldn't get away.

The children were the kids of the suspects, Jayme Kushman, and Jaime Sena. One other child was a foster child. As if life wasn't already hard enough right?

The investigation started back in late July when officials found several different things locked as well as a chained gate inside the front door to the house. They also came upon an unflushed toilet that was full of exactly what you'd use the toilet for.

Stories of the kids going hungry and how they learned to steal food were told to officials. One of the children talked to them about how she felt ashamed when she was chained up.

The children were wearing alarms so the parents were alerted when they moved or went somewhere, and they had bruises on their bodies that were left from paddlings they'd received.

Both women are currently being held in the Curry County Detention Center awaiting indictment on their charges.

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