Adam Rippon may not have nabbed many Olympic medals, but he certainly won big on the internet. The 28-year-old ice skater has quickly become a viral darling, charming his way onto the national stage with spitfire sass and candid commentary. One of the best illustrations of his star-quality charisma is his Twitter account, a hotbed of savage clap backs and quick-witted asides funny enough to compete with resident Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen. As Rippon himself once put it, his blades are sharp, but his tongue is sharper.

So, in honor of Rippon's gold-certified comebacks, look back through his best tweets below. And if you've yet to discover America's newest national treasure, you can thank us later.

When He Came for This Tone-Deaf Hater

When He Shared His First Big Taste of Fame

When He Explained What It's Like to Be a Gay Athlete

When He Captured the L.A. Lifestyle

When He Showed the World How to Prioritize

When He Captured the Essence of Adulthood

When He Added Some Positivity to the News Cycle

When He Got Real About Dating

And Exes

When He Taught His Followers About Self-Care

And When He Even Managed to Put Some Attitude Into an Empowering Message

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