I really was curious as to why AISD would take such a huge game and move it to the first 2 weeks of the high school football season.  The Amarillo High VS Tascosa High game attracts so many people, police have to direct traffic, and the stands and parking lot completely pack.  A game that is built up for an entire week dubbed "Hell Week" by many, but "Spirit Week" by AISD.  A week that really didn't seem to take place this year.  Well, they say they didn't have a choice in the matter.

"Not that Amarillo Independent School District had a choice. It had to switch this traditional October game to the first two weeks of the season or not hold it at all — the result of the biennial UIL statewide realignment/
reclassification in 2012, which for the first time put the two schools in different classes.

The Rebels remained in 5A, but in a reconfigured and far-flung nine-team District 2-5A, which must begin its district schedule next week. Meanwhile, the Sandies dropped to Class 4A with all their metro neighbors. When that happened, the fizz went out of this rivalry, not just in football, but in all sports."

I honestly thought they moved the game so there wouldn't be a "Hell Week", but I guess I was mistaken.


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