You know when the school calendar comes out both kids and parents alike want to check it out. The kids are excited to check on which days they get out of school. You parents check because you have to decide on those off days what to do with them.

If you work sometimes it's a struggle to figure out just what to do with kids when they are out of school. You don't want to blow all of your vacation time so soon. If you have family in town count yourself lucky.

What Do You Do if You Work and Have No Family Nearby?

If your kids already have a daycare set up then even better. Sometimes they are closed the same days that the schools are closed too. So that is not always an option. Having kids is great. Being an adult and figuring out all the other stuff sometimes is not.

Next Days School is Out is in February

If you haven't checked the kids in Amarillo and Canyon are both out February 18th and 21st. So if you are not prepared those days could cause a headache. Luckily Amarillo Parks and Recreation are prepared to help you out.

credit: Amarillo Parks and Recreation
credit: Amarillo Parks and Recreation

They have all kinds of fun activities planned for the kiddos out at Warford Activity Center - 1330 NW 18th Ave. Not only that but the price is nice too. It will set you back $15 for the whole day and $10 if you only need a half day session.

President's Day is around the corner and KIDS DAY OUT still has space available for your school aged kiddos!

Join us Friday, February 18th and February 20th at the Charles E Warford Activity Center  for a day of fun. School aged participants will enjoy a variety of safe and guided activities all day long including: swimming, bounce houses, games, gym time and more!

So if you are needing help with your kiddos on those days that they are out next month you might want to get them registered right away HERE.

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