Another Chance House was founded in 1988, it's a non-profit provider of emergency shelter and permanent, low-income rental housing to homeless males.  It's located at 209 S Jackson, fairly close to Foxes after hours nightclub.  Another Chance House has filed a lawsuit against Foxes for "being a nuisance".

Amarillo Globe News reports that in the claim, the non-profit says the Foxes' owner, George Hyman, has failed to control the scene at his after hours club, open 2-4:30am on Saturday & Sunday nights.

From prostitution, to gun fire and the buying/selling/using of drugs on the premises, Another Chance believes it is having a negative impact on the neighborhood.


The suit, filed in Potter County and released Monday, seeks a court-ordered one-year closure of Foxes and unspecified monetary damages. Hyman did not immediately return a call Tuesday.

I know there have been several reports of gun-shots coming from this after hours club, but then again, I've heard the same thing about downtown clubs.

So does that mean the owner should have to shut down his facility for a year?  If that's the case, why wouldn't other clubs, where similar events are taking place, have to undergo the same thing?

What do you think?

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