That's because they're the first name in the phone book.

Aardvark Automotive was opened by Robert Archer on January 15th, 1980. Already having great business sense, Robert and his partners opened a dictionary to the very first page, saw the word "aardvark," and decided to give their shop a name that would put them on the very first page of the phone book.

Aardvark Automotive
TSM Amarillo

Thirty-six years later, Aardvark is still serving the people of Amarillo with their high-quality service. The shop specializes in foreign cars, like Mercedes and BMW, which is unique in Amarillo because we don't have any luxury car dealerships. But what's special about Aardvark is that they make sure even the Ford and Chevy drivers feel like they're driving a Porsche.

The shop only has 10 employees, including Robert and Lynda Archer. We asked Lynda about the employees at Aardvark and she said that they are continuously going through training.

We have sent some to California, we've sent some to Colorado... Once they're working for us, if we see they need more training, we will send them to get more training. We also have a training room here in the shop now where they can get on a computer and train. Robert has invested so they can do classes online. As far as advancing their career, they can do it right here.

Lynda also shared a very special program that Aardvark participates in called "Wheels To Prosper." For the past 6 years, the shop has accepted nominations for people who need but can't afford their own cars. They accept donated cars that are in good condition and make any necessary repairs. Then they give the cars to the people who need them the most so that they can get to work or school.

They just gave out their second car this week, but if you know someone who could benefit from "Wheels To Prosper," check out their website.

Aardvark Automotive
TSM Amarillo

How would you describe the average Aardvark Automotive customer?
LYNDA ARCHER: Some of our customers drive foreign cars... and some of our customers drive Ford, Chevy, and Dodge... So our average customer is just like you and me... Most of our customers are from right here in Amarillo. We also get a lot of business from the surrounding areas because we do specialize in foreign cars and in a small town, not everyone can work on a foreign car.

Why have you never franchised the business? Has the opportunity to franchise ever come up?
LA: Robert wants to keep it his business. And no, it hasn't.

Did you use a small business loan to start Aardvark Automotive or find the money another way?
LA: Some other way.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone launching a small local business, what would it be?
LA: Always remember customer service. Go above and beyond to give your customer great service.

Aardvark Automotive
5825 Canyon Dr
Amarillo, TX 79110


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