For those of us, who have been unhappy with the five final names of Amarillo's new baseball team, the General Manager has said we WILL have one of the following: Bronc Busters, Boot Scooters, Jerky, Long Haulers and the much hated " Sod Poodles.

General Manager Tony Ensor, told a local Amarillo TV station, that the five names are final and they will not accept any other suggestions. Ensor says focus groups were conducted and these names "connect" with Amarillo baseball fans.

The names are not part of  a publicity stunt. Ensor insists these names came from people in the community. Voting for one of the five names will concluded on June 13th and you can vote here.

Ensor says the community "needs to understand the process. This is part of a process." Ensor also indicated panhandle residents will "enjoy what we are going to do."

As contentious as the building of the stadium was, hurt feelings will fall of deaf ears of the team management. There are people who never go under any circumstance. If the number of people who have signed a petition, to persuade the team to allow more suggestions, does contain 47,000 signatures, a segment of those people will not attend. Seems to be a terrible way to start a business.

I'll probably go to one game, and see how our money was spent on the stadium. After that...I'll spend my cash where it's appreciated.

Will you support the team, if one of the five release names becomes a reality? Let us know, in the comment section below.


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