One reason I love living in Amarillo is the community and the business that are always willing to lend a helping hand.




January 27th, Blue Sky on I-40 and Western will be holding a benefit night for Carla Contreras.  From 5pm- close 20% of proceeds on all Dine-n, Call-in, and To-Go orders will go to Carla and her family.

Carla has been fighting Leukemia for some time. She was air lifted to Dallas, TX in December and has been in a coma until recently. The Contreras family is in desperate need of your help. This is an easy way to give back and help a family in need.  You need to eat Monday night anyway, so, you may as well enjoy yourself at Blue Sky and do a good deed.

To donate say "I'm Eating for Carla".  Be sure and thank Blue Sky for being a great part of the community.

For more of Carla's story watch this video!


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