One of the things we don't get very often here in Amarillo, TX. are conventions or shows for collectors and hobbyists. Personally, I'm a sports card collector and there is never a show here in Amarillo, they're always in Lubbock.

Not to mention they always seem to happen at times I can't attend them. That's not their fault, but a show here in Amarillo would be nice without a doubt. It would certainly be easier for me to attend one.

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However, if you're a fan of Comic Con's, Amarillo is home to one of the better ones here in Texas. The Yellow City Comic Con, or YC3, is coming back to the Amarillo Civic Center from April 19th through the 21st, and it promises to be another good show.

All the things you expect to be there will be. Cosplay, authors, artists, gaming, panels (which are always cool), plenty of vendors, and of course, celebrity guests. Three of the guests coming were recently announced, and they are some good ones.

2019 Comic-Con International - "Steven Universe" Panel
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Shelby is an accomplished actress with many things to her credit. She started as part of the Laker Girls dance team and has made many guest appearances on shows such as Glee, 2 Broke Girls, CSI, and Community, just to name a few.

What she is best known for however is her voicework on Steven Universe as Peridot, and most recently on Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles as Kitsune. She has a new project she's going to be a voice in, and will no doubt be talking about it at YC3.

21st Annual Unforgettable Gala
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Deedee is a veteran of the industry getting her start back in 1989 on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. She parlayed that into several guest appearances on well-known shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm and Grey's Anatomy.

YC3 attendees however will recognize her from her long-time work on Steven Universe where she was the voice of a whopping 12 characters on the show. Her most notable character is Pearl.



An incredibly accomplished voice actor, Kat Cressida has had the opportunity to voice many well-known roles, her biggest though may be voicing Jessie in Toy Story on numerous occasions. One of her other well-known roles, and one most YC3 attendees will remember, was the voice of Dee Dee on Dexter's Laboratory in seasons two and four of the show.

She has also played voices in shows such as Phineas and Ferb and The Powerpuff Girls. Her extensive resume reaches into the video game world, where she has been a voice in over 30 different games.

You can get your tickets now for YC3, either single-day passes or three-day passes if you want to take your time getting through everything. Tickets are available here.

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