A few years ago a couple of families got together and opened up a Christmas light tour just outside of Amarillo.  Over 400,000 lights (maybe more) took over this piece of land and created a Christmas Wonderland.

This magical place was called Enchanted Acres and was located on South Osage.   You could hop in your car and for a small fee tour this amazing place.  They even offered horse and wagon rides through the Enchanted Acres.

As I said it was a magical place and had been added to many family Christmas light traditions.

However, the time it took to make other families happy and joyous during the holiday season, was taking time away from the owners families and because of this Enchanted Acres closed and will not be open.

Even though this was a fun place to go and see, you have to respect the family that wants to create memories with their children instead of missing out.

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