Don't be fooled by impostors when it comes to tree trimming services!  Look for the signs of a real tree trimmer. They're not afraid of heights, they probably have a trailer with a ton of tree trimmings attached to their work truck, which will be loaded up with enough chainsaws and other utensils to make them look like they might be a psycho killer.  Most of all, don't pay them before the work is done.  Avoid the scams that innocent Amarillo citizens have been fooled by.

"There are individuals in the local area telling unsuspecting citizens hard luck stories when bidding tree trimming jobs. We don`t want you or your family to fall prey to these folks. The scammers get some or all of your money up front, start the job and leave the home never to be seen again. The money is gone and the work isn`t done or left mainly unfinished. This is a situation where a civil agreement is made between the homeowner and the scammer."

The scams seems to be increasing over the past few years, and most of the victims are elderly.  So sad. Why do crooks take advantage of the elderly like that?  They need a good spanking with a tree limb!

The bottom line, don't pay for the work until it's done. Any honest and real tree trimming service will understand and agree.

Spread the word, don't let anyone you know get fooled by one of these scam artists.

Basically tell them to go kick rocks or something if they show up at the front door talking about doing a job that's cash up front.  I don't know your face!  How you expect me to give you money just on your face?