Robo-Calls Could Be Stealing Your Identity [INFOGRAPHIC]
The Federal Trade Commission says robo-calls are the number one consumer complaint they receive, and these types of calls are on the rise. Experts warn that this kind of call is an early step in a phone fraud scheme that can lead to identity theft. Here's how it works.
Amarillo Citizens Warn Of Tree Trimming Scam
Don't be fooled by impostors when it comes to tree trimming services!  Look for the signs of a real tree trimmer. They're not afraid of heights, they probably have a trailer with a ton of tree trimmings attached to their work truck, which will be loaded up with enough chainsaws and other utensils to…
Scam Involving IRS Threatens Tax Payers
People in Amarillo and beyond are being scammed by crooks preying on those who had an extension to pay their taxes, basically saying pay up or go to jail.  As October 15th is the last day to pay taxes, and people that still owe begin to worry, they're an easy target to these scammers. …

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