Yup that's right!  Avoid catching West Nile over your Labor Day weekend by protecting yourself and your family from mosquitoes!  The city of Amarillo sends out this warning, after 10 confirmed human cases of West Nile coming out of Randall County.

You know that saying, "enough to kill a horse"?  Well take it seriously!  In Randall County, 1 horse has died from the mosquito contracted disease and another is infected at the moment, yet nothing out of neighboring county, Potter?

Amarillo Globe News reports:

Many people enjoy outdoor activities during the Labor Day weekend and that’s why it’s even more important to take measures to avoid mosquitoes,” said Deree Duke, the city’s director of environmental health. “West Nile virus is here and it’s time to concentrate on prevention to protect ourselves and our families,”

We've seen a record number of West Nile cases in the US this year, and the season for contracting the disease isn't over yet!

So what can you do to help prevent a case in yourself or your family & friends?  Well, AGN hooked it up on the 4 D's, which I've never heard of, but they definitely make sense!

Amarillo Globe News:

There are several ways to prevent mosquito bites, Duke said. The best way to remember those tips is to simply use the 4 “Ds” to “Fight the Bite.”

• DRAIN standing or stagnant water around your property if possible, including wading pools, pet dishes, bird baths, tires, buckets and rain gutters

• DRESS appropriately when outdoors

• DUSK/DAWN: avoid exposure to mosquitoes when they are most active

• DEET: use a mosquito repellent containing DEET when enjoying outdoor activities

So there it is, get out and have some fun this weekend, because you deserve it!  But be safe and be smart!

Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

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