The weather has been wild in the Texas panhandle, as we all expect it to be. This weekend, be careful when you're out and about. The fire danger is expected to be high for our area.

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We've Already Seen Several Wildfires In The Texas Panhandle

Already this year, we've seen several instances of wildfires in the Texas panhandle. We're in desperate need of moisture, as always. That lack of moisture has created some real problems.

Potter County Sheriff Office Has Some Tips To Avoid Disaster

The Potter County Sheriff Office took to social media today to give everyone a heads up regarding the potential fire danger for this weekend, and even gave some tips for how to avoid causing a disaster.

Their tips include:

  • No outside burning
  • No outside welding
  • Not driving in tall grass
  • Don't just toss your cigarettes out of the window
  • Make sure your trailer isn't dragging chains

Most of those are pretty easy suggestions to follow. If you smoke, get a butt-can. Drink 3/4 of a bottle of water and put your smokes out with the rest.

I actually saw someone the other day dragging chains on I40. Sparks were going everywhere. Make sure you aren't dragging chains when you hitch up. Give that chain a few good twists before you hook up.

Did They Really Say We Could See Snow Next Week?!

We've been enjoying life in the 70s so much, that it's easy to forget that we're still in the first part of March. There's still ample time for snow.

I decided to take a peek at the weather forecast for next week, and there are some awfully cold days ahead. So who knows? We might see some powder before spring break.

20 Striking Photos From Across Texas During Winter Storm Uri

Texas was hit hard by Winter Storm Uri, a polar vortex which led to millions being without power for days in constant freezing temperatures. These photos show the good, the bad and ugly of the crisis.

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