The unthinkable happened when a family stopped in Amarillo for a night.

Moving to a new place is never easy, but has posed a particularly disappointing challenge to a Navy veteran and his family. They stopped in Amarillo on Wednesday, May 11th, on their trip across the country to a new home and got a room at the La Quinta off I-40.

According to police, the family realized that their vehicle and trailer, which contained all of their belongings, had been stolen on Thursday morning.

The trailer contained important documents, like dental and medical records and military paperwork.

The truck was found in an alley on Thursday afternoon but the trailer is still missing.

The Amarillo Police Department is asking anyone with information to immediately come forward.

While Amarillo sees an unfortunate number of vehicle thefts, this case is especially tragic. We can only hope the thief/thieves return the family's belongings and allow them to continue on their trip safely.

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