When you think of date night, you probably envision dinner and maybe a movie.  If you get really creative, you probably go bowling or to play mini golf.  But for you artistic ones, there is something cool to do.  

I love to do different things and when I found out about a painting date night, I thought what a cool idea.  There are actually several art studios here in Amarillo that offer these cool date nights

Spirited Expressions, is one off those studios.  You can find them at 2600 Paramount Blvd.  Every couple days they offer social painting parties.  You and your date (or friends) will get to attend this 2-3 hour class.  Each class has a theme to it.  Once you get there, you get to pick out your seat.  The seats are set up already with your canvas and all the other supplies you will need.

You are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks.  Adult beverages are welcome if you are 21 and up.  Classes are only $35 each person.

Kudos Art Studio is another studio that offers this cool date idea.  You can find them at 7406 SW 34th Ste 2B.  Classes are being offered every few days.  All supplies are provided and the picture is drawn on a 10x20 canvas beforehand. Bring your own refreshments and come enjoy a relaxing night of painting!  Most classes are for 16 years and older, but they do occasionally offer kid and family classes as well.  Adult beverages are welcome, but you must be 21 to consume alcohol.

Next time you are having an argument about what to do for date night, try your hand at art!

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