If you about to start a new job, you may want to keep these 10 things in mind.

It can be the toughest day of your life. The first day at your new job. The job you hope to hold on to until you retire. You don't want to do anything wrong? Well we all know how hard it is to do that. It takes one slip up and you are working extra hard to recover from the damage.

According to a survey, almost half of employers say people screw up their first day on the job. A lot of the things they do are simple mistakes.

Here are what some employers in Amarillo said people screw up on their first day.

1.  They learned someone's name and then immediately forgot it.

2.  They got someone's name wrong.

3.  They said something stupid because of their nerves.

4.  They went to the wrong place.

5.  They showed up way too overdressed.

6.  They had to have something simple explained several times.

7.  They showed up late because of traffic.

8.  They put their foot in their mouth during a conversation.

9.  They showed up way too underdressed.

10.  They accidentally sent an email to the entire company.

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