In the past decade, ghosting has become a real thing in the dating world. But now people are doing it to employers too.

Ghosting is the non-confrontational way to end a relationship. Basically you cut off all communication with a person you are dating. Sometimes they will even block them on social media.

But now people are doing this to potential employers in Amarillo. Some HR managers say that they have seen this a lot lately during the interview process.

During the interview process people just stop communicating with the company that may want to hire them. Sometimes they just skip the interview. Others will go through the interview and not return any calls.

What is causing this? Well the strong job market is partly to blame. One recruitment firm said that there are so many good jobs out there that good people end up with multiple offers. But instead of telling a company "thanks but I am taking another offer" they just blow off the company they are turning down.

It's never a good idea to do this. If something falls through with the job you think you are taking, you don't want to burn any bridges. Just take a moment to make a call or send an email saying thank you. You might end up needing a job from them down the road.


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