This is a scary story coming out of our own city while celebrating a three-year-old's birthday at Cheddar's. Brittani McGhee-Smith found that her daughter was exposed to opiates in her pasta.

This is a parent's worst nightmare. Brittani was panicked and just wanted to know that her daughter was going to be okay.

Brittani's grandfather found two opiate pills in the leftovers the following day. Brittani did some research and found the pills to be a 50mg Tramadol.

The health department did an inspection the same day the complaint was filed. The health department found that personal medication was on the food prep line at the restaurant.

Brittani said there is no one in the household that is prescribed Tramadol.

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen made a statement to ABC 7:

"The health and safety of our guests and team members is one of our top priorities and we take this situation very seriously. Unfortunately, the guest has been unwilling to help us in our investigation to determine how this may have happened. Regardless, we have partnered with the health department to meet with our entire team to review and reinforce our personal items storage practices."

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