But it is not something we should be proud of...

The new Netflix Original show "I Am A Killer" is a docu-series that tells the story of inmates on death row awaiting their execution date. The filmmakers sit down with the inmates, the victim's family, and the police involved in each crime.

In episode three titled "The Mockingbird," it follows Justin Dickens from Amarillo, Texas. In 1995, Dickens was sent to death row for a murder/robbery he committed when he was 17 years old. He has never denied the murder, however, he has maintained there is more to the story.

Justin Dickens was raised in a drug addicted family. His mother was homeless and would commit petty crimes around town to survive. Growing up under these circumstances, it's not surprising he fell into the wrong crowd.

After finding himself in debt to a local drug dealer he did the only thing he knew to do, he stole.

He had his grandfathers gun and made his plan to rob Mockingbird Pawn and Jewelry shop in downtown Amarillo. When Dickens and his accomplices arrived at the store, the owner Jim Jacobs and a customer Francis Carter were inside. He walked in with the gun in his coat pocket and said he was there to find a ring for his girlfriend. When the two turned their backs Dickens pulled the gun out and his life would be forever changed.

In an attempt to stop the robbery, costumer Francis Carter tackled Justin Dickens when the gun went off, taking Carter's life.

After Dickens was arrest he awaited his court date at the trail is where the story starts to change.

The whole story is extremely heartbreaking for all involved.

To watch "I Am A Killer" you can search your Netflix account.

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