Well if you’re a DISH subscriber and a fan of NFL Football, Master Chef, The Masked Singer, Family Guy, and 9-1-1 LONE STAR or just Clint Brakebills hair, you’re about to lose your shows locally in Amarillo on KCIT-TV Fox14. Unless you have an antenna or “rabbit ears” because you’ll need one. Heck, a metal wire hanger works too.

Universal Images Group via Getty
Universal Images Group via Getty

The contract between NEXSTAR and DISH ends Friday, September 11 and it doesn’t appear that they are close to a renewal. According to the NEXSTAR website you can read the obvious tension:

DISH Subscribers: they’re at it again! This Friday, September 11th, DISH may force Fox 14 off your line-up, and important programming you pay for will disappear.

Of course, they don’t want you to know that you can still get their programing for free, so many consumers today are cutting the wire and taking advantage of over the air signals that the FCC requires television stations to carry. Incidentally with those digital channels TV station carry many sub-channels which offer different programming, for free.

Last summer AT&T owner of DirecTV had a similar dispute the canceled NEXSTAR nationally including KAMR Channel 4 and KCIT-FOX 14 for weeks.

Hey, radio is still FREE and we don’t go off when it rains.

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