Getting the keys to the city is a big deal. You have to do something extraordinary to be given a city's highest honor. Well it's safe to say that the latest individuals to earn this honor have done just that.

Yesterday, June 8, Mayor Ginger Nelson handed over the keys to our great city to the COVID-19 task force doctors here for the time and effort they spent helping fight the pandemic.

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The particular individuals honored were:

Dr. Scott Milton
Dr. Todd Bell
Dr. Michael Lamanteer
Dr. Brian Weis
Dr. Rodney Gonzalez

All of these people sacrificed an immense amount of personal and professional time helping fight the pandemic at its highest stages, and they are more than deserving of this honor. Dr. Milton received special recognition by the Mayor as he was the city's public health authority through the toughest part of the pandemic. He also remained in that position for the beginning of the recovery process.

While Mayor Nelson commended all of them for their work, she said "The pressure that sits on your shoulders, Scott, was sitting on yours alone. We only have one public health authority"

I feel that this should just be the beginning of people that should be receiving special honors for what they did throughout the pandemic. While a lot of us were scared and not sure of what was happening, there were so many that put themselves directly in harms way to do what they could to keep us safe. Congratulations to these 5 individuals for an honor well deserved!

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