Amarillo has received a lot of rain in the last few weeks.  It seems almost as if we decided to switch place with Seattle for a month.  We have seen at least a bit of rain nearly every day for the last two weeks.  We have also seen some torrential downpours and storms.  We have had so much rain that we are breaking records.

heavy rain

We have received the most rainfall ever on record from August 1st - 14th.  These records go as far back as 1892.   That's 125 of rain records.

In those 14 days Amarillo has recorded 6.64 inches of rainfall at the Amarillo airport.  The previous record was only 4.98 inches.

As of this morning, Amarillo has recorded 7.76 inches for the month of August and we are barely halfway through the month.

The record for the entire month of August was 8.07 inches and that was set just 8 years ago in 2009.

Now the normal rainfall for August is just 2.91 inches and we have already seen 8.07 inches.

That's crazy.  The month isn't even over and we still have rain in the forecast.  Wow!  It's been a crazy season.

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