No this isn't an opinion article. This is fact based...I think.

Amarillo, y'all cant drive in the rain. Simple as that.

I'm headed home from work yesterday, there's water on the ground and it's still falling from the sky. I hop in the car thinking to myself no big deal. Yeah, I was wrong about that.

First thing I notice, everyone...and I mean EVERYONE is a good 15 mph slower than the speed limit, and I was in a 40 mph zone. I kept looking around thinking I was in a school zone and they got an early jump on triggering those flashing lights telling you to slow down. Nope.

Ok, so I start to get over my frustration with that as I get around the cars in front and find some open road. Back up to 40 mph, headed for the highway. Everything is good as I'm on the service road to get on I-40. Entry on to the highway, no problem...then bam. Instant slow down, and I mean BIG time. Speed limit is 60 mph right? Then why was I travelling at only 35 mph...on the highway!!

Here's the thing, it's just rain. A little bit of water doesn't make it THAT hard to drive. I can understand a slight slow down, sure. Hydroplaning is a definite possibility, but more if the roads are flooded or you're driving like it's the Indy 500. Stay at the speed limit, slow down on curves a bit and everything will be fine, I promise. Splashback? Use your windshield wipers so you can and don't travel so closely.

Unfortunately, I'm insanely concerned about how y'all drive in the snow here. I lived half my life in Colorado, so I'm pretty well versed in it. If we're slowing down a good 15-25 mph in the rain, would it be faster to walk if it snows? Asking for a friend.

I love ya Amarillo, really I do. Let's just work on our driving in the elements please. Honestly, you're gonna cause more accidents driving so slowly.

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