If you aren't into the idea of a traditional Valentine's Day, make plans to attend My Bloody Valentine at Chainsaw Massacre in Amarillo.

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away. Social media is blowing up with gift ideas and singles events. Your friends are planning elaborate date nights and engagements. It seems like the whole world has been swallowed by a giant pink teddy bear.

Meanwhile, you are just trying to survive. The conventional Valentine's Day does not suit you or your significant other. You're desperately trying to think of something to take your mind off of the madness.

You're in luck!

Chainsaw Massacre, an Amarillo haunted house, will be open over Valentine's Day weekend for a special event, 'My Bloody Valentine.'

They will be open on Friday, February 12th, and Saturday, February 13th from 8 until midnight. Tickets are $20, but they are having contests to give away free tickets.

Check out their website here.

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