YouTube never disappoints when it comes to videos on Amarillo. Today, I discovered several videos taken at Wonderland Amusement Park that give you a front seat view.

Drop of Fear

No matter how you feel about "drop" rides, you have admit that the view is awesome. That might be my favorite part of the video. It's a short video of what is a pretty quick ride.

Mouse Trap

Here's the first of the coasters that I was able to find. That first drop is a doozy. Reading through the comments on YouTube, it's the undeniable crowd favorite.

Cyclone Coaster

This type of coaster has always made me think of a runaway mine-cart with all of the twists and turns, and dips. This one is fun to watch mainly because you watch the camera getting whipped around making turn after turn.

Texas Tornado

The best part of this video is going through the loops with that front seat view. Honestly, it made my stomach turn just a bit. Looking through the comments on YouTube, I was really interested in seeing the technical breakdown of the coaster and some of the history of the manufacturer.

Fantastic Journey

I'm not really sure how to describe Fantastic Journey. It is definitely one of the most talked about rides at Wonderland. This video takes you through the ride. In the comments on YouTube, it was interesting to read the stories of people who worked the ride, or grew up riding it.

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