As many major Amarillo retailers close their doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic-Hobby Lobby is remaining open. On the company website Hobby Lobby stated that it taking measures to keep shoppers and employees from being infected with “enhanced cleaning” and a ban on employee travel.

I called the Hobby Lobby here in Amarillo and the person on the phone said the store was limiting the amount of customers in the store as well as other measures.

"If an employee is suspected of having COVID-19 based on symptoms and/or known direct or indirect exposure, we will send that employee for medical care and to self-isolate at home, and will promptly coordinate with public health officials," the company, which has a total of 900 stores around the U.S., said.

According to a report by the Christian Post, a letter by Hobby Lobby founder David Green offered assurances of sorts to his company's more than 43,000 workers in 46 states. That letter showed up on Twitter.

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