The horse statues of Amarillo are iconic, especially downtown. Did you know that every horse has a unique story?

In 2002, the Hoof Prints of the American Quarter Horse project was started in Amarillo by the AQHA. This project served to raise money for Center City Amarillo and promote public art. The AQHA purchased 20 fiberglass horses to start the project. Now, individual businesses and buyers purchase the horses.

Over 100 horses cover Amarillo and they add about 12 horses to the collection every year. The horses are painted by local artists and can have any unique design the buyer chooses.

There are even Hoof Prints statues outside of Amarillo. There is one in Pampa, Dumas, Canyon, and at the entrance to Pantex.

Our first Hoof Prints statue of the week is Nay-Boring Vistas (It's a pun, get it?)

Nay-Boring Vistas Horse Statue
Center City Amarillo

This beauty is located at 900 S. Harrison Street, right in front of Amarillo Globe News, who owns it. The artist who painted Nay-Boring Vistas is Cindy Kelleher. The painting depicts cows roaming on the open plains with the canyon in the background.

Nay-Boring Vistas was one of the first horses made for the project.

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