Every where you turn you see new buildings being built all over the city.  New business coming into the city each month.   More traffic and traffic congestion (that's probably because of all the construction).  Amarillo is growing.

You can see the growth all over the city.  The city is definitely growing and expanding west and south.  The population is rising.

Amarillo has been named on the list of the fastest growing cities in the U.S.

The WalletHub study compared the growth to 515 cities in the United States using 15 key metrics.  The metrics included population growth to college-educated population growth to unemployment rate decrease.   This study looked at the growth over a 7-year period.

Although Amarillo's rank was only 394 on the study, it has show great growth in the last 7 years.

Fort Myers, FL was the number one city in the U.S. for growth, while Midland was named #2.   Pearland, TX came in at #3, while McKinney was #5 and College Station was ranked #6.  Frisco, Round Rock and Austin, #16, #17, #18.

Lubbock which has seen immense growth, was on the list at 262.

Austin was #1 in the largest city category in the U.S. to see growth.  Texas dominated with the top 4 spots in the mid-size cities with the highest growth.

Frisco was #1 in the country for the highest population growth and the highest job growth.

I do forsee our city growing by leaps and bounds over the next 7 years.  That's if they can finally get all the road construction finished.

Source: WalletHub

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