Just when we thought all the severe weather and devastating storms had moved on from the area, we had something happen that may have been the worst of it.

Perryton got hit hard with a tornado last night, leaving a ton of damage in its wake. People have been left without their homes, approximately 100 people were injured in the storm with 3 people sadly passing away from the tornado.

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Aside from the obvious aftermath of having to rebuild after such a devastating storm, the residents of Perryton are in need, and if I know anything about Amarillo, it's how they love to step up and help their neighbor.

Financial donations are being accepted at any FirstBank Southwest location, the Perryton National Bank, and Interstate Bank in Perryton.

In order to ensure that the donation is routed correctly, you must state that the donation is to benefit the survivors of the Perryton, Texas Tornado.

No donation is too big or small. We need to get as much of this stuff that we can get our hands on, so anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated.

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