So I know that this is one of those tricky sorts of things. You disagree with something the President is doing or saying. You take to social media or some other platform to vent.

You figure it's just you exercising your First Amendment rights, you know, that one about freedom of speech.

Maybe you didn't realize that you can't make a threat to a president in any way, shape, or form...including words.

Shawn Summers of Perryton found that out the hard way. However, what he said shouldn't be said about ANYONE, much less the President.

Summers took to social media to vent about the President, threatening to kill President Biden and hang his corpse from the torch on the Statue of Liberty. Yikes.

He also made a threat against the Secret Service who stopped by his house, mentioning that the next time they show up, he will invoke his right to bear arms. Yeah, can't do that either.

Yesterday, August 11th, Summers was officially indicted on charges of Threats Against the President as well as Transmitting Threats in Interstate Commerce.

Turns out, when Secret Service showed up at Summers' home he actually admitted making the threats toward the President, which gives anyone more than probable cause and a motive to arrest.

So what exactly did Summers post on social media that alerted them? It was pretty gruesome. "Joe Biden I vow to slit ur throat and hang ur lifeless corpse from the torch on the statue of liberty for all the world to see..." is what was posted. That's just graphic.

Summers is due back in court at some point where his public defender is going to go for an insanity defense. Summers has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation prior to anything else happening in the case.

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