An Amarillo company made sure that the jockeys didn't show up naked.

While people were enjoying the athleticism of a horse named Nyquist during the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, an Amarillo man provided an important piece of the tradition.

Matt Darby owns Speed Silks, a company that produces silk jockey uniforms. The design is aerodynamic and uses dimples in the fabric to reduce drag. His uniforms have been worn in the Kentucky Derby since 2013 by several top 10 finishers.

This year, Speed Silks was well-represented by Mario Alberto Gutierrez Cruz and Kent DesOrmeaux, who rode the first and second place horses.

While it might seem surprising that a Texas company provides the best uniforms for a Southern-based sport, Darby swears by his design.

The fabric is called Aero-Dimplex and is made by a company in Switzerland. The design features fewer seams and is more form-fitting to reduce folds in the fabric. While the Speed Silks website is clear that the uniform won't make your horse run faster, it will help your horse reduce the amount of energy it expends, giving you a much better chance of reaching maximum speed.

The top 10 racers at the derby were:

  1. Nyquist
  2. Exaggerator
  3. Gun Runner
  4. Mohaymen
  5. Suddenbreakingnews
  6. Destin
  7. Brody's Cause
  8. Mo Tom
  9. Lani
  10. Mor Spirit

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