This isn't exactly a story about brotherly love.  Brothers tend to fight sometimes.  Brother fights aren't anything you want to be around when they go down either!  Brotherly love can transform into brotherly hate very fast, and fights between siblings can get down right ugly!  Much like this story of 2 street fighting that were arrested after a fight Monday evening in Amarillo.  One of the brothers took the physical altercation to far by striking his brother in the head repeatedly with a shovel.

Amarillo Police were called out to the fight, where they arrived and found the brother who was hit with the shovel badly injured.


"On Monday July 22nd, at approximately 5:15pm, officers were dispatched to the 3800 block of NE 12th on an Aggravated Assault. Upon arrival officers located a 25 year old H/M that had been assaulted. Officers were able to determine that two H/M brothers had gotten into a physical altercation in the street and that one brother picked up a small garden shovel and struck the other repeatedly in the head. After speaking with a witness, officers were directed to a nearby address where the suspect was at. Officers went to this address and found the suspect in the back yard and he was taken into custody. The victim was taken to the hospital treated and released. The suspect is identified as Noah Levi Rendon II H/M 22. He was arrested for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and was booked into Potter Co Jail. The victim Steven Ernest Rendon H/M 25 was found to wanted on a outstanding Parole Violation warrant and was subsequently arrested and booked into Potter Co Jail."

That's kind of uncool if you ask me.  This dude just got into a fight with his brother.  He probably feels really bad inside, and not just from getting hit with a shovel either.  His emotions are running.  If he's anything like me, he feels extremely guilty for getting into a fight with his brother.  His love for his brother is now overwhelming his brain and all he wants to do is call it good with his brother, and he's injured at that.  So lets arrest him and make him feel even worse.

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